If you’re in Missouri and searching for a reputable Cockapoo breeder with state licensing and excellent reviews, you’re in the right place. Here are some well-known breeders to consider:


Weaver Family Farms Puppies Cockapoo Puppies: The Ultimate Companion You Didn’t Know You Needed

Location: Cairo, Missouri

 Website: Weaver Family Farms Puppies

About: Weaver Family Farms is a trusted name in Cockapoo breeding. They are a state-licensed breeder known for their commitment to raising healthy and happy puppies. With a focus on socialization and care, they’ve gained a reputation for producing wonderful Cockapoo companions.

Location: Columbia, Missouri 

Website: Feathers and Fleece Farm

About: Feathers and Fleece Farm specializes in breeding Miniature and Petite Goldendoodles and Cockapoos. They are dedicated to producing top-quality puppies with great temperaments. Their pups are well-cared-for and socialized from an early age.

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

 Website: Fluffy Dog Rescue

About: While Fluffy Dog Rescue is not a breeder, they are a rescue organization dedicated to finding loving homes for Cockapoos and other fluffy dog breeds. If you’re open to adopting a Cockapoo in need, they may have wonderful dogs available.

Location: Columbia, Missouri

 Website: Columbia Carriage Co. Kennel

About: This kennel offers Cockapoos among other breeds. They focus on providing a safe and loving environment for their puppies. They are often praised for their ethical breeding practices.

Location: Springfield, Missouri 

Website: Little Buddies CockapoosAbout: Little Buddies Cockapoos is a family-owned breeder with a passion for raising healthy and happy Cockapoos. They have a good reputation for producing well-socialized puppies.

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